Use Cases

For Subcontractor Owner

PRODUCT: Field Work Order

As a Subcontractor in today’s Market Place, I often leave dollars on the table, and I am continually looking for safeguarded methods that can provide efficient change order management.   It is very consistent that paper work orders are not fully documented, documented incorrectly and sometimes even lost before they make the journey back to the office. A mobile platform that utilizes mobile technology, industry best practices and my pricing rules to capture and execute the field request is a game changer. To arm my PM’s with a mobile product that captures the request in real-time with all the supporting documentation (plans, pictures, and pricing) will enable all my project teams to perform like my best project team and improve collaboration with my General Contractors. 


For Project Managers

PRODUCT: Field Work Order

As the Project Manager,  it’s my job to stay informed of changes to the project and give the authorization to proceed with the work. Often the General Contractor's Superintendent or Project Manager goes straight to my Field Team to request extra work. PeerAssist's solution provides me with a history of all authorizations for work generated in the field at any detail desired from initiation of a request to GC approval. The whole process from approval to payment is more efficient. Peer Assist provides solutions that have your back as a Project Manager.

For Project Engineers

PRODUCT: Field Work Order

Project Engineers often have to rely on a paper process, which is inefficient and frustrating. Multiple phone calls and emails are made to the Project Foreman before, during, and after the extra work has been requested. FWO allows the Project Engineer to have real-time access to status, up to the date pricing, and ability to group extra work orders. PeerAssist provides an easy to use and intuitive tool to capture, document and organize all your extra work orders from approval to payment. Project Engineers can expect better organization, improved management, reduced lag time between requests and approvals, and overall better communication with the General Contractor on Field Work Orders. No longer will you be searching for a GC approval to get paid or complete work without knowing if it is going to be approved.


For Contractor Superintendents

PRODUCT: Field Work Order

The Project Superintendent’s worst nightmare is not getting paid for work that his team performs. They need a better way of capturing, documenting and organizing a history of field driven work orders including images, descriptions and the status of work orders from request to payment. PeerAssist Field Work Order is an intuitive and easy to use solution. We store all this information in one organized status board with real-time status of all extra work. No more arguing about what has been requested and authorized. Simply click on the project and drill into each work order or group of work orders to see the electronic documentation of what has been requested and approved.

For Project Foreman

PRODUCT: Field Work Order

As a Project Foreman, I need to be able to capture extra hours worked in real-time and accurately track those hours and material on a group of extra work orders. With PeerAssist Field Work Order, when the work is complete, with the push of a button I can send the supporting documentation to the office to get approved, priced, and have the added confidence of knowing the work we performed has been authorized by the person with the authority to get us paid. I don't have to keep a separate log or try to remember the details of work completed yesterday. PeerAssist Field Work Order is the most valuable tool on my belt.





Now seamlessly convert your PlanGrid Issues Log into Field Work Order Requests for Change Orders