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When field changes occur, your team can capture, route, & approve with ease all the way through to a change order request and invoice.


    Eliminate costly paper forms and go digital from the beginning for RFIs, Daily Reports, Safety Forms, Health Assessments, & more.

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    Streamline the submission of subcontractor T&M tickets for extra work with a consistent format and centralized system.

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                  We do about 300 T&M tickets per year.  Before PeerAssist, we may have lost about half our tickets worth $2,030/each for extra work. We estimate that PeerAssist saved our company approximately $305k in that category alone.

                  Ben Kelly, Co-Owner/President


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                  Candid feedback from one of your peers

                  Our team caught up with Ben Kelly, Co-Owner/President of Drywall Partitions for feedback on using PeerAssist.  

                  Mr. Kelly made it clear he's not looking for self-promotion and just wanted to provide feedback on the app. Drywall Partitions is a Commercial Drywall and Ceiling contractor based in Arvada, Colorado.


                  How was your process before PeerAssist?

                  "We were using the old-fashioned paper tickets; every foreman got a bundle of paper tickets in their job packet. When they wrote the tickets, it was not very descriptive depending on their ability to document information. It was really sketchy and therefore difficult to turn around and get paid for work we were asked to do and we had performed the work. Sometimes, we wouldn’t get the tickets back until after the job was done and we look through the toolbox and there they were, but by then it was too late."


                  Why did you choose PeerAssist and how it has impacted your processes?

                  "Somewhere along the line in one of the trade publications, it had a list of the 8 best construction apps for the field. That’s how we came across the name PeerAssist. I went to the website to see what PeerAssist was all about. It looked interesting and we set up a demo. After the demo, it looked exactly like what we were looking for. Along with the implementation of PeerAssist, we were also implementing some management change here at our company which we now have four construction managers, so it’s a level between the office and the foreman in the field. We decided to equip them all with iPads and train them. Everybody adapted to it well, it was good timing, and it was all when the pandemic started. There were not a lot of people coming in and out of the office."

                  "The biggest advantage of this is when there is something that looks like extra work on the job, our construction manager can open an authorization, we make everyone do that first, then they send it to the project manager here at the office saying: We are being asked to do this, and here is the location, etc. - What do you want us to do?  Then, the project manager here at the office can approve it on the spot or say: Let me find out, I have to send this to our customer and get authorization from them and see how they want to proceed.  Sometimes they say: Yes go ahead on time and material, or no I need a price on that before you do anything.  It’s a great tool even just to get that piece of information determined:  Are we going to price this or are we going to track it?  A lot of times it’s a T&M tracking thing and the project manager will send the approval and say yes it’s authorized, please proceed.

                  The way they get the T&M ticket signed is usually by email, but I think the superintendents are busy and sometimes don’t reply right away. We have a tracking system where if we don’t hear back, we go back and try to get those either by email or sometimes they end up tracking down the superintendent in person with our iPad and sign it there. Then the ticket comes back to the office for pricing and we use the PeerAssist’s web portal to price out those changes and request a change order.

                  The biggest kicker of the whole thing is the photo documentation. Just having photos to go with tickets makes everything so much easier because a lot of our T&M work is just patching. With the photos, we have all kinds of documentation about the type of patching being done. It’s just making the ability to get an approved change order a lot better."


                  Are there any other competitors you’ve looked at?

                  "We were also in the process of looking at PlanGrid and Procore and at the time they just offered too much, which was more than what we really needed. PeerAssist was the only one that I really knew that focused on exactly what we were looking for which is T&M tracking. I don’t think PeerAssist had any other competition at the time. However, since then, I have been getting emails from Extracker and I told them: It looks good, but we've already got something like it. I don’t feel the need to change."


                  Favorite features:

                  • The ability to attach photos and annotate the photos. The team has been really good at using the annotations to communicate the work and even type words into the picture. It is easy to use, and it all stays as a bundle of a particular extra work ticket.
                  • The ability to have the tickets e-signed it’s a big benefit. Rather than track down the superintendent in person for a signature.
                  • The way all the tickets are organized by job, by request number, etc. It makes it very easy to keep them organized, see all your outstanding tickets on the web portal, and know what’s out there in an entry-stage, pricing stage. etc. It just added so much organization to the process from what it used to be.
                  • The ability to price the ticket in the web portal, bundle it up, and send the change order request. That’s pretty huge once it gets to the office here.


                  How many tickets do Drywall Partitions do in a year?

                  300 tickets a year. Around 25 tickets per month. I even put an average dollar value on those. It’s probably around $2,030 per ticket, we are talking about 610k+ dollars a year in T&M work. And if you are not tracking that, you can lose a lot of money.


                  How has been your experience with our support team?

                  "It has been great. They are always very helpful and friendly. We never feel like we are bothering anybody, and they always work hard to get your answers. It feels like you are always talking to somebody that can take care of what you need."


                  Why should other contractors consider PeerAssist?

                  "In a way, I don’t want to recommend it to our competitors because I feel this system gives up a competitive edge and looks very professional. However, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with paper tickets."

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