Gain control over construction purchasing by eliminating manual steps, get the best pricing from vendors, and more.

T&M Tracking

When field changes occur, your team can capture, route, & approve with ease all the way through to a change order request and invoice.


    Eliminate costly paper forms and go digital from the beginning for RFIs, Daily Reports, Safety Forms, Health Assessments, & more.

    GC Portal

    Streamline the submission of subcontractor T&M tickets for extra work with a consistent format and centralized system.

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                  All T&M Tags for Extra Work in One Place and in a Consistent Format.

                  General Contractors can utilize the GC Portal to centralize and streamline processing for out-of-scope work. Always stay up-to-date with extra work with your subcontractors. Use PeerAssist to avoid manually entering information into your project management and accounting systems. Subcontractors love PeerAssist T&M Tracking as it streamlines their process too.

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                  General Contractor Portal

                  GCs can specify PeerAssist T&M Tracking to be used by subcontractors 

                  General Contractors can utilize the PeerAssist GC Portal to consolidate information. Always stay up-to-date with extra work with your subcontractors. Use PeerAssist to avoid manually entering information into your project management and accounting systems. You focus on the work, we capture and deliver your data where it’s needed.

                  Field Work Order (FWO) eliminates the need to manage subcontractor changes with excel spreadsheets, file folders and paper-filled binders. FWO provides a simple solution that captures, tracks, documents, organizes, manages, and standardizes field changes across all trades on your project.

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                  One Location

                  Imagine every subcontractor, on every project, storing their out-of-scope tags/tickets in one place?

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                  As the GC, you are not charged for the GC Portal. Have your subcontractors up and running on FWO with minimal set up, in fact the best part is that FWO benefits the subcontractors, a bunch.

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                  Unlimited Users

                  The tool is free, you or your subcontractors only pay for the actual T&M tags/tickets submitted ensuring nobody is being charged a fee for time they are not using the tool. 


                  Full Visibility

                  • A simple view of all work performed by each subcontractor on your project(s).
                  • Review and approve work from subcontractors before work begins. (Optional)
                  • Monitor costs to greatly reduce risk and allow tighter controls on extra work performed. 
                  • Track progress for labor, material, and supporting docs in real-time.
                  • Set subcontractor trade rates to avoid pricing errors.

                  Track Progress in Real-Time

                  From the office or the field, build and customize your eForms within minutes. When you create an eForm you have the ability to choose if it relates to a project or employee.


                  Flexible Licensing

                  Subcontractors hate when the GC forces them to buy licenses for a tool they may not know how much they will use yet.  With PeerAssist, subcontractors can rest assured that nothing is ever billed when the software is not being used. Some months may pr0duce more tags than others and our flexible pricing scales accordingly.


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