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Field-to-Office Productivity Platform

The PeerAssist tools help contractors to streamline several construction workflow processes typical burdened by manual processes without disrupting current technologies in your operation. 

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Our customers speak for us.  Listen to what they have to say about how PeerAssist has helped their company, how their teams have adopted the technology, and what you can expect when you choose PeerAssist.

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Ric Reppert Jr. speaks on behalf of his company and how PeerAssist has helped them transition from a paper-based T&M process to being fully digital. Reppert also produces thousands of construction eForms annually using PeerAssist. 

Ric Reppert Jr, President
R. L. Reppert

The PeerAssist Impact.

We had the pleasure to speak with Richard Reppert, President of R.L. Reppert, about the impact PeerAssist has had on their business. Richard Reppert learned that he could address the bottleneck of a historically manual process for managing extra work and that the ROI was significant. Fast-forward to after PeerAssist being used, Richard Reppert shares how his team is saving 1-2 hours per extra field work order for his projects. On one project alone, they saved over 100 hours of supervisor time by digitizing with PeerAssist.


Why PeerAssist?

Richard Reppert shares, “We work on a lot of large-scale commercial projects such as hospitals, hotels, schools, and assisting living projects. With these large-scale commercial projects that we work on, we are typically asked to do additional work above and beyond our contract work. PeerAssist’s Field Work Order (FWO) app is an innovative way to now create and track time and material tickets.

Before PeerAssist, we used paper tickets, fill them out with our hours and material used, and took them to the GC to get them signed. Now with PeerAssist, we are able to do this all digitally on our tablets. This saves hours of supervisors’ time to create the tickets, as well as, the project manager in the office having to enter all the pricing. PeerAssist’s FWO App eliminates hours of handwriting tickets, adding pricing, and creating invoices. The FWO App has been simplified to a level that even our non-technical supervisors are able to use this program with very minimal training. PeerAssist also offers training and demonstrations for our supervisors which has been very helpful. This software is so easy to use that our supervisors who disagree with technology have come to the realization that FWO has helped them significantly on our projects.

One feature FWO has is the ability to digitally send the ticket to our GC for them to sign. This eliminates the issue on large-scale projects when sometimes the GC is not readily available to sign tickets. We can now send it to them electronically and have it back within minutes signed. Our GCs enjoy the program as well since they are now accurately and professionally receiving the tickets. With this benefit, we are able to bill sooner and get paid faster for the additional work that we have been requested on projects.

On one of our projects, we had 100 tickets for additional work that we were requested to do. Typically this would take one or two hours per ticket for them to write them up, get them signed, get them to the office for the project manager to add the pricing and get them to our front office to create an invoice to send to the GCs. With PeerAssist, this happens in minutes. They fill out their information on their tablet, show it to the GC who digitally signs it, and it is immediately sent to the office with the appropriate pricing added in already. From there, we can easily, with a few clicks, create an invoice that gets sent to them.

This cost-effective program for simplifying a necessary task on a lot of our projects has been a vital way for us to focus on streamlining our operations.”


About R. L. Reppert

R.L. Reppert, Inc. is a family-owned business formed by Richard L. Reppert in 1973. Started with only 4 part-time employees, R.L. Reppert, Inc. has grown to employ in excess of 100 field personnel. They have the resources to provide whatever additional labor your project requires.

They specialize in commercial load bearing metal stud framing, insulation, light-gauge metal stud framing drywall, acoustical ceilings, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, composite wall systems, metal wall panels, EIFS and much more.