PeerAssist Procurement: 
Streamlining Material Orders


PeerAssist Procurement is a cloud-based purchasing solution that helps specialty contractors streamline their material order process.
The system offers a variety of features that can help contractors improve efficiency, visibility, and cost control.

Procurement on the mobile and desktop


Importance of Streamlined Material Management

Efficiency is paramount in the construction industry, and PeerAssist Procurement streamlines material orders to reduce wasted time and prevent overspending.

Creating a PO for requested material

Field-Friendly Purchasing

Field personnel can use the PeerAssist mobile app to request materials, which are then sent to the office for approval and purchase order processing. 

This eliminates the need for phone calls, emails, and paper forms and helps to ensure that material requests are processed quickly and accurately. 

Simplifying Material Requests

Material requests become more efficient, reducing the need for calls, emails, and data entry. Foremen can easily request materials from their smart devices, eliminating the need for rekeying projects and shipping information. 

Material Request on Mobile

Real-time Communication with Project/Purchasing Teams

The seamless integration between field and office teams ensures that material requests are promptly converted into purchase orders. Agents have the flexibility to add, edit, or omit items, and even split requests into multiple Ppurchase orders for various vendors. 

Efficient Purchase Order Conversion and Customization

PeerAssist helps projects stick to their budgets by allowing Project Managers to schedule material orders based on date, phase, or parcels. Preferred vendors and quoted pricing can be stored directly in the Bill of Materials (BOM) to ensure adherence to the budget. 

Budget Management and Vendor Tracking

Multiple vendor purchase orders can be generated in one click, and the system tracks budgeted quantities versus ordered quantities for each release, providing complete visibility. 

Vendor Quote Analysis

Purchase Order Processing At Its Finest

The Purchase Order Processing module makes creating, sending, and tracking purchase orders easy. Contractors can customize purchase orders with their company's logo and send them directly to vendors via email.

Configurable Settings for Tailored Purchase Orders

POs can be customized with auto-generated project information and numbers, notes, references, and attachments. Custom lists of shipping contacts, cost codes, and three customizable fields add further flexibility.

User-Friendly Purchase Order Processing Dashboard

The Purchase Order Processing Dashboard provides instant visibility into the status of all Purchase Orders, enabling effective tracking and management.

Leveraging Data for Tangible Results

The Purchase Order Processing module offers an end-to-end process from request to order and fulfillment, relieving users of the burden of manually entering orders.

Automatic Vendor Price Comparison for Cost Control

The Purchase Order Processing module includes features like side-by-side vendor price comparison, and the ability to request and analyze quotes, ensuring users get the best price for every item, every time.

Example of PeerAssist PO

Receiving Material

The Receiving module allows contractors to track the receipt of materials. This helps to ensure that materials are received on time and in the correct quantities.

Closing the Loop on Procurement

Orders can be marked received onsite or in the warehouse, ensuring complete tracking and eliminating the risk of missing orders.

Marking Orders Received in the Field or Office

Users can easily receive materials and log quantities directly from the mobile app, keeping all stakeholders informed.

Tracking Receiving Status on Mobile and Desktop

The status of all orders is readily available, allowing users to view received, partially received, and outstanding items.

Mobile Receiving

Why PeerAssist?

PeerAssist was recognized as a Top Tech 2021 firm by Construction Executive, exemplifying the productivity gains it brings to growing and high-performing construction teams. With the complexity and risks involved in construction projects, PeerAssist empowers self-performing construction teams to gain complete control over their material management.


PeerAssist Procurement can help specialty contractors to achieve several benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency: The system can help to streamline the material orders and purchasing processes, which can save time and money. 
  • Enhanced cost control: The system can help contractors negotiate the best possible prices for materials, and it can also help to track and control spending. 

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