PeerAssist Project Management: 
Closing the Gap Between Field and Office Operations

Streamline your T&M and RFI tracking and management processes using our cloud-based solution.

This comprehensive platform empowers both field and office staff, promoting time-saving and efficient work dynamics, while increasing revenue.


Seamless T&M Tracking and Efficient Change Order Management 

Break free from outdated processes and inefficient triplicate forms with PeerAssist’s robust yet user-friendly cloud-based solution. Whether you're working from the field or the office, you can:

  • Track T&M on our mobile app - even offline 
  • Secure pre-approval on T&M work to avoid negotiations and giveaways 
  • Hasten operations with electronic signatures on the device or via email 
  • Monitor work in progress and observe cost accrual in real-time 
  • Save significant time pricing extra work with pre-loaded rates and material pricing 
  • Submit Change Order Requests directly to the customer, maintaining an organized change order log across all projects on a centralized platform 
  • Maximize your productivity with our platform, which automates pricing and generates a comprehensive Change Order Request package. Simplify customer follow-up and team meetings with the easy generation of a change order log. 
PeerAssist project analytics

Revolutionize Your Change Order Request Process 

Transform the way you handle T&M work pricing with pre-loaded employees, materials, and labor rates. Our platform automates the creation of a robust Change Order Request package, including signed tags and photo backup. Send Change Order Requests directly from the platform with the option to combine multiple tickets onto a single COR. Maintain your Change Order Log on the PM desktop, marking change orders received and creating logs and reports for sharing during team meetings or with the Customer. Go beyond T&M and track work internally for allowances to aid in negotiations and keep tabs on giveaways.

Pricing and Change Order Requests Package

Streamlining T&M Tracking for Extra Work

Make the tracking of out-of-scope work a painless process. PeerAssist eliminates bottlenecks, prevents conflict, and improves efficiency. Our solution also provides the tools you need to capture details of extra work requests, store them centrally, and track the status of any tag/ticket.

  • Expedite your processes, reducing what was formerly 2-6 weeks to a day or two. 
  • Enhance accuracy by keeping track of work details and status updates. 
  • Generate a high return on investment through saved time and resources. 

Optimizing T&M Tracking for Your Needs

T&M tracking starts in the field, and our workflow incorporates all the elements you need to get paid for extra work. Our solution covers everything from gaining pre-authorization before starting work to entering time and materials, adding photos, and capturing signatures - even offline. For office users, stay updated with all work in progress and assist in acquiring electronic signatures.

Example of a change order log report in PeerAssist

Your Comprehensive Solution for T&M Tags

Generating T&M tags is a simple process, with full documentation available to customize them according to your requirements. In the field, attach supporting photos, collect eSignatures, and capture all labor and material details for out-of-scope work. The home office remains in the loop with all essential information to support pricing.

Mobile app and signed ticket pdf

Unrivaled RFI Management for Field & Office 

Leverage an RFI workflow prioritizing subcontractors' internal communication to effectively manage outstanding questions, potential delays, and cost impacts. Our platform facilitates faster collaboration in writing, reviewing, and submitting RFIs. Upload responses, add notes for full visibility, generate an RFI log in PDF or Excel format for easy follow-up, and track cost and schedule impacts.

Enhancing RFI Tracking for Improved Project Management 

 Keep your projects running smoothly with our RFI tracking feature. PeerAssist allows real-time communication between project team members and the home office, facilitating quick resolution of questions and issues and track every RFI with an auto-generated RFI log for complete visibility of your process.

RFI pdf and mobile app

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