Construction Management Software

Field Reports
Documents completed by onsite foremen or superintendents may include Daily Reports, Inspection Checklists, Safety Reports, Attendance Sheets, and Toolbox Talks.
Time & Material (T&M)
A billing method based on the actual labor and materials expended. This can apply to additional tasks beyond the initial contract or to jobs billed entirely on a T&M basis.
T&M Ticket
Also known as a Tag, Extra Work Order, or Extra Work Authorization. This documents and approves additional work to be billed on a Time & Material basis.
Authorization Request
A formal request for approval from either the subcontractor's project manager (sub PM) or the general contractor/customer to proceed with extra work. Approval is tracked via the PeerAssist mobile app.
Change Order Request
A document submitted to the customer (either the General Contractor or Owner) detailing the cost and scope of extra work. It serves as a formal request to amend the original contract value.
Change Order (T&M)
An official document from the General Contractor or owner to the subcontractor that modifies the contract value, either positively or negatively. This is mandatory for invoicing any extra work.
Change Order (PO)
A revised Purchase Order that reflects changes in the initial order, such as quantity or price adjustments.
Purchase Order
An official document sent to vendors specifying the types and quantities of materials to be purchased at an agreed-upon price.
Field Material Request
A method for onsite personnel to notify the office or warehouse of material needs is facilitated through the PeerAssist mobile app.
Material Release
A comprehensive or phase-specific list of materials needed for a project. This list serves as the basis for generating Purchase Orders via the PeerAssist desktop app.
The capability for onsite staff to confirm the receipt of ordered materials, either in full or partially, through the PeerAssist mobile app.