PeerAssist Field: 
Streamlined Construction Forms
for Superior Field Operations

Electronic Timecards, Daily Reports, Toolbox Talks & More

Get Started with Smart, Time-saving Features

Forepersons can complete their paperwork on any smart device, with the data saved to the cloud and shared with all relevant parties in real-time. Use the forms from our Form Template Library, or create your own with our simple form builder.  Our project-centric platform will keep you organized and auto-populate project and customer information and distributions, eliminating redundant data entry.

Daily Logs and Safety Reports Submitted In Real Time

PeerAssist centralizes Safety Reports for easy access and use. From Near Miss Reports to Compliance Reports, create your reports to ensure pertinent information is captured in the field and is promptly relayed to your Safety Manager or Department. Everything is recorded and logged centrally from your mobile device, allowing timely information sharing. Not to mention, forms can be routed to people/departments beyond the project team.

Improve Your Payroll Process with Electronic Timecards

  • Project-centric timekeeping
  • Optional employee signatures
  • Allocate time by cost code, area & more
  • Submitted in real time

Walker Telecomm Inc.

James Elliott, Project Manager at Walker Telecomm appreciates that PeerAssist is built for the construction industry and even improves working relationship with customers. Plus, it's affordable and the support is excellent. Walker utilizes PeerAssist's open API to extract and connect data outside of the platform (more information here). 


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