Gain control over construction purchasing by eliminating manual steps, get the best pricing from vendors, and more.

T&M Tracking

When field changes occur, your team can capture, route, & approve with ease all the way through to a change order request and invoice.


    Transform your field paperwork from traditional documents into powerful eDocs for Daily Reports, RFIs, Transmittals, COVID Assessments, Equipment Checklists, Safety Reports, and more. 

    GC Portal

    Streamline the submission of subcontractor T&M tickets for extra work with a consistent format and centralized system.

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                  Connecting & Building Your Business While You Build the World.


                  Who we are at PeerAssist?

                  What do we do?

                  PeerAssist helps construction companies to grow their business by connecting the field and office teams for improved and streamlined workflows that enhance production for information that is often siloed on paper-based documents, spreadsheets, emails, text messages, and disconnected systems.


                  How do we do it?

                  Our values serve as an incredible roadmap for our success.  The PeerAssist CLOUD is more than an acronym to us, it has deeper meaning down to our DNA. 


                  • Customer - Customer first, period.
                  • Listen - Listen, innovate, adapt, make mistakes, own the mistakes, and learn from them. 
                  • OnePeerAssist - The sum of us is greater than any one of us. Work together, learn together, everyone has value, and we are all equal.  
                  • Understand - We seek to understand each other and our business peers.  Everyone is different and those differences are what make us strong. 
                  • Dream - Excite, passion, grow, think 10x



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                  Years of Combined Construction Experience


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                  Letter from our CEO


                  Your Success is Ours

                  PeerAssist has undergone a remarkable journey since our launch in 2007, becoming one of the construction industry's go-to digital applications for creating, tracking, and managing project information in the field and office.

                  When we first started developing software for our construction business in 2005, we had a simple problem we wanted to solve: how to help project managers eliminate paper billing sheets. We were sure that an electronic system would go a long way to end costly delays, under billings, and double entries. We guessed right. An initial investment in time and money paid off in the ROI, which was huge for efficiency, allowing us to maximize billings across the board.

                  As time went on, we began to diversify our roster of tools. In 2008, we created the Field Work Order. This tool eliminated the need for paper tag books, which are often misplaced in the field, helping us capture lost revenue and increase job site profitability.

                  Our founders come straight from the industry. For instance, I started over 25 years ago as an IT professional and in 2000 took a position with a commercial construction company. It was a unique opportunity and one that I am glad I took advantage of. Every day for a few years I might travel around the entire Bay Area region from San Francisco to the East Bay and back to San Jose, setting up new job site trailers, providing in-person support and training for employees new to tech and tech tools.

                  As the economy changed and a slowdown in construction came. I had seen more job sites than most people see in a typical career. I'd now have a chance to learn about the other side of the business. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday, the COO said, "Look, Matt, we don't need a full-time IT guy right now, so either I let you go, or you help me with accounting tasks, entering POs, collecting cash, and unapproved change orders." As a result, I took a deep dive into the daily financial side of the construction business. That path and knowledge gain would continue as I managed the IT side of the business and continued to be involved in and learned about all aspects of running the operations of a commercial construction company from pre-con processes to job close-outs.

                  A lot has changed in the two and half decades since the dot com boom, including the increasingly widespread invention and adoption of digital tools. Still, the day-to-day business of construction involves an assembly of hands-on jobs that are dedicated to repairing, improving, and maintaining structures, buildings, and sites.

                  What sets PeerAssist apart is its deep understanding of construction issues, whether on the job site or office. We initially built tools for our use and proved to be very good at it, eventually creating a cloud-based, industry-targeted platform to share with peers who wanted to run their companies more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. We have installed our applications in contractor offices around the country, allowing us to continue our ongoing conversation with an industry eager to embrace the digital revolution. I often get feedback on how PeerAssist has had a real impact. It might be helping a company stay competitive by streamlining operations, responding to health and welfare requirements, creating better communication among team members and clients, or recruiting a next-generation workforce.

                  I wanted to take a moment to thank you, our customers. Your invaluable feedback on running a construction business ensured our apps are the best of class. Without a doubt, we are made better by your experience, expertise, and insights. We are happy to return the favor by working to help you plan, grow, and prosper now and in the future.

                  Matt Wagoner, CEO


                  Our Team

                  Matt WagonerMatt Wagoner
                  Chief Executive Officer


                  Theresa JutagirTheresa Jutagir
                  Chief Product Officer


                  Jerad FerrellJerad Ferrell
                  Chief Marketing/Strategy Officer


                  Mona AlloushMona Alloush
                  VP of Growth


                  Christina TurnerChristina Turner
                  Manager of Product


                  petar-ivanovPetar Ivanov
                  Manager of Development


                  Maureen-HeckMaureen Heck
                  VP of Customer Experience


                  josh-headshotJosh Egenreider
                  Customer Success Manager


                  Kathy FosterKathy Foster
                  Customer Success Manager


                  cheryl-adams-headshotCheryl Adams
                  Customer Success Manager


                  kiara-jackson-headshot-picKiara Jackson
                  Account Executive


                  Bryan RichardsBryan Richards
                  Lead Developer


                  Nick-PassNick Pass
                  Software Developer


                  Hunter-GarrettHunter Garrett
                  Software Developer


                  Dilyana DimitrovaDilyana Dimitrova
                  Software Developer


                  Marian MarinovMarian Marinov
                  Software Developer


                  Pavel StoyanovPavel Stoyanov
                  Software Developer


                  Ahmed IsaAhmed Isa
                  Software Developer


                  Nevyana GergievaNevyana Georgiva
                  Software Developer


                  Stefan BoychevStefan Boychev
                  Software Developer


                  Diana MarinovaDiana Marinova
                  Software Developer


                  garegin_barboryanGaregin Barboryan
                  Software Developer


                  Nikolay TraqnovNikolay Traqnov
                  Software Developer


                  Georgi PetkovGeorgi Petkov
                  Software Developer


                  Krasimira ZarankovaKrasimira Zarankova
                  Software Developer


                  vladimirVladimir Gichev
                  Software Developer