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                  Learn how Specialty Finishes enhanced the T&M tracking by eliminating their traditional paper-based ticket in favor of a fully digital platform with PeerAssist's T&M Tracking.

                  What would you tell your peers about PeerAssist?

                  It has been great as far as a T&M tracking solution, which has made our process more efficient. It streamlines the T&M ticket process to be able to capture more money and faster. The solution is very user-friendly. PeerAssist is very efficient and at a great price point, which makes it very valuable for anybody to try it and dive into it. 

                  Gordie Bennett, Operations Manager
                  Specialty Finishes


                  Gordie Bennett, Operations Manager for Specialty Finishes spent time with us to share his team's experience using PeerAssist and how their process has evolved.  Specialty Finishes has 70 field employees and does carpentry work, based in the North Deleware area. 


                  Before PeerAssist

                  Gordie shares how the company has traditionally used an old-fashioned paper ticket that their foreman on-site would fill out when extra work was requested. The on-site superintendent would approve it, sign it, and then eventually the ticket would have to be transported back to the office for the project manager to process. 

                  Part of the issue was is finding the superintendent to sign the ticket, if they are not around, their crew would have to hold on to the ticket, then the next thing they knew, days or weeks had gone by, the tickets would get lost, and just disappear.  Gathering all the tickets from the field staff to the main office for the project manager to process was time they had to account for, time that made their process take even longer.  They even needed drivers to bring tickets up to the office or take several pictures of the ticket and send them to the home office.  It was previously a very cumbersome process.  


                  Why PeerAssist?

                  With PeerAssist, if the superintendent was not around, there was not a problem because it's routed electronically for approval. PeerAssist helped to expand to other geographic regions that were a few hours from their main headquarters.  This solution helped to become far more efficient so they no longer worried about lost tickets, tracking the superintendents down, or manually transporting tickets from various locations to the home office.  



                  PeerAssist's T&M Tracking was a major boost to productivity for their  T&M Tracking process. Specialty Finishes processes thousands of tickets each year and when you consider that the tool saves their project managers 1-2 hours per day, the return on investment adds up quickly. 

                  On the same page - emailing the superintendent with a link to approve the extra work is a huge time saver and eliminates trying to hunt down the superintendent to get a signature in the field. A difficult part of their process before was getting the tickets signed. 

                  Visibility - The project managers are aware of the tickets that are being written and have access to them. In the past, their field guys were working in the field and they did not have access to the tickets until getting them signed and brought back to the office. 

                  Capturing more material costs -  the solution helped them with getting paid for materials that were used for extra work as this often is missed and just eats into profits for the T&M work.  

                  Their team says that support from PeerAssist has been great; they had a slow start because their team was so busy.  Gordie involved others and get the system up and running.  Each of his team had reached out to support to help us through a few questions or to do a short training session.  The support has always been there and has followed up with Gordie's team.  Everything they have experienced with support has been very positive. 


                  About Specialty Finishes

                  Specialty Finishes, LLC is a fully licensed and bonded construction firm was originally formed in 2000, to supplement Jamestown Painting’s workforce with the installation of plastic wall protection, crash rails, and corner guards. Today the company has changed into a full-service carpentry company with over 40 qualified carpenters.

                  As the economy began to shrink in 2008, the management team at Specialty Finishes, like many other companies in the area, was in a quandary as to how to combat the failing economy. Instead of downsizing like many other firms, Specialty Finishes hired new employees due to the wealth of talented carpenters in the open job market. Our increased workforce allowed us to increase our capacity and work on larger projects including schools, hospitals, and retirement facilities. We also moved into other areas of carpentry with the myriad of additional skills gained from our newly hired workers. As other firms bunkered in to ride out the downturn in the economy, Specialty Finishes, embarked on an aggressive growth path enabling us to increase sales by over 400 percent since 2009.