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Learn in a few minutes how PeerAssist can help support your company's growth with a versatile and easy-to-use platform to build your operational construction technology foundation on. 


The Field suite is packed with functionality to handle all your field construction form templates from any device. Explore any of our Field capabilities below and remember that you can build unlimited construction forms of your own. 


The Project Management suite helps self-perform contractors to manage complex construction-specific processes like T&M Tracking & Management for out-of-scope work, Change Order Requests, and tracking Service Work. 


The Procurement suite connects what is often a disjointed process where the field and office turn to tools that are cumbersome and not connected resulting in highly inefficient steps to ensuring materials are ordered in an optimal manner and that crews have materials onsite when needed.  Procurement gives self-perform contractors and end-to-end solution for total control of your procurement process. 

Construction Management Software for Subcontractors

Field to Office made simple.
Do more with less.

Connect Field and Office to reduce risk, increase profitability, and expand your business. PeerAssist's construction management platform is designed for subcontractors to tackle common risks when managing projects and costs. 

  • Office driven, field proven, designed to grow your business
  • Gain real-time visibility into job site costs.
  • Identify risks and changes before they cost you money. 
  • Track and manage material pricing across your company.

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A Full Construction Management Solution


PeerAssist Field empowers your field teams with a powerful set of tools allowing construction documents like RFI Form Templates, Daily Reports, Toolbox Talks, Inspections, Safety Forms, COVID-19 Health Assessments, Jobsite Visits, Material Requests, T&M Tags, and any Custom Construction eForm you may need (or choose from our library of Construction Forms).

Project Management-1

PeerAssist Project Management features a robust set of tools and workflows to guide your project teams to optimizing profits and mitigating risk at every turn. From managing your RFIs to Change Orders, and everything in between like Service Work and T&M Tracking for extra work on your construction projects, this powerful platform is easy to use, full of features, and the best bang for the buck in the industry.


PeerAssist Procurement is addressing a real-world set of challenges that our industry is facing with unprecedented challenges in today's construction climate. Ensure your construction materials are purchased with the best pricing available, compare vendors with ease, understand historical costs at a granular level, provide materials to your job sites when materials are needed, and control your overall purchase order process with new and easy to use tools that plays nicely with your Construction ERP system.

Our Best Voice Is Our Customer's


"The last year on PeerAssist has really allowed us to manage our requests for extra work with more efficiency." 

Chris Swingley, Project Manager
Swanson & Youngdale


The ease of implementing the program has been a huge benefit for us. Additionally, the ability for upper management to have access to various forms and tickets filled out on the program gives a better insight into the company's operations as an owner. Meeting the staff at the INTEX Expo in Florida made us realize how great the program could be. At the time it was just field work orders but in a quick time, has evolved into an asset for our company.
Ric Reppert, Jr.
Easy to use is great. Everything is on the tickets our supervisors on the project do and General Contractors get this information as soon as work is completed. We use it to process change orders and Time and material work orders. Speeds up the process as General Contractors get a copy of the paperwork as soon as work is completed.
Ron L
Project Manager
Allows our field crews to identify extra/added work. Open a tag with description and pics for approval if approved it's tracked and entered. PeerAssist was a better fit for our company
Dane C
The ease of use is great. Customer support is great and responds quickly they've worked with me to tailor the app to my needs. Rhumbix had nothing when we were looking, i was going to have to start from scratch and show them our needs. PeerAssist had most everything, just a little tweaking was needed.
Frank Ciappio
Project Coordinator
We use Peer Assist for everything from daily job reports to job estimates. We now have most of our field employees using the app because of its ease of use. It made job reports and billing much easier to read and file.
Steve K
QC Inspector
We just started using the product so we don't have much experience yet, but it's been great! I am very excited to get the program started for our field employees and the office staff. We look forward to automating a lot of pricing items and material ordering.
Katie G
Project Engineer
PeerAssist allows us to have better control on billing for additional work performed beyond a quoted job. The stages help assign responsibility, workflow and track where we are at on projects. Access to App from phones and tablet connects field and office employees on progress and activity on job site.
Theresa J
Use PeerAssist for Tracking of additional work through software generated PO's. Includes the management of the CO's through pricing.
Marv V
Division Manager

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