Gain control over construction purchasing by eliminating manual steps, get the best pricing from vendors, and more.

T&M Tracking

When field changes occur, your team can capture, route, & approve with ease all the way through to a change order request and invoice.


    Eliminate costly paper forms and go digital from the beginning for RFIs, Daily Reports, Safety Forms, Health Assessments, & more.

    GC Portal

    Streamline the submission of subcontractor T&M tickets for extra work with a consistent format and centralized system.

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                  Simplify Ordering Material from the Field. 

                  Give your field team the capability to order material directly from mobile devices and keep track of all field material requested in a dynamic log viewable by project with all information at your fingertips.

                  Field Purchasing


                  Field Material Requests Made Easy

                  Manage your material costs from the field using Field Material Request by PeerAssist. An easy-to-use field material ordering workflow, maximizing visibility on material management across all projects. Give your field team insight into the order and expected delivery date right on their original request, visible on their mobile app.


                  Quick & Easy

                  Your field users will be able to order their material quickly, and you can ensure accurate item selection and provide a consistent field ordering process across all projects.


                  Automatic Pricing

                  Using preloaded project material lists, all costs associated with field orders can be tracked and managed. As soon as a request is created, the estimated costs will show up on the office dashboard before the material is ordered. This allows the project manager to mitigate issues before the invoice lands on their desk.


                  Simple Workflow

                  Review all Field Material requests and associated costs in one easy-to-use dashboard. Accept or cancel requests and forward to your vendors. Mark the orders as In Progress or Completed to be able to manage your ordering schedules with vendors.


                  Simple Ordering in the Field

                  Your field team will be able to get up and running within an hour and your field material orders will be organized and simple to view. 

                  Simple Ordering in the field

                  Order Status in the Field

                  Give your field team insight into the order and expected delivery date right on their original request, visible on their mobile app. 

                  Order Status in the Field

                  Field Material Request Dashboard

                  View all Field Material Requests and the estimated costs across all projects from the dashboard.  

                  Field Material Request Dashboard

                  Set Due Dates

                  Set dues dates on when the material is needed and sort by this to manage ordering schedules.  

                  Set Due Dates

                  Design your own form.  

                  Create your own material ordering form and add additional comments and notes sections as needed so that the order from the field contains all the information needed by your purchasing team.  

                  Design your own form

                  Custom Exports

                  Select the fields and information you want to export and save the export to be used repeatedly. 

                  Custom Export


                  Designed to provide a chance for you to try the tool. Your account will be set up with credits added to your account. No expiration, no pressure, just you getting a chance to see it in action.


                  This model all0ws you to pay for what your team actually uses.  We do not believe in our customers signing up for software subscriptions and having any licenses not using the software. Some users are also power users whereas others are occasional users - with PeerAssist, you don't get taken advantage of. 


                  Unlimited allows for full use of the platform for as many users as you can throw at it (your staff that is).  No worrying about buying credits, just get in and go!  Chat with a product team member using the chat to learn more. 


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