T&M Tracking does not have to be a pain. 

Contractors don't like tracking T&M for extra work, and most do it on paper. What if you could eliminate bottlenecks, avoid conflict, improve efficiency, and get paid for the work you were asked to do? Now you can.




#1 Solution for Tracking Extra Work

FWO (Field Work Order) is built from the ground up to help self-perform contractors to work smarter when it comes to tracking out-of-scope work. No more lost tickets or not being paid for work you were directed to do. Clarity bring consistency and awareness to avoid surprises that causes conflict between General Contractors and Subcontractors. 



Capturing requests on paper, pricing, approval, and routing for payment takes much longer when it's manual. Plus, it's prone to error. FWO helps cut down what was 2-6 weeks to a day or two.



Capture the details of the extra work being requested, store it centrally, and track status on any tag/ticket with ball-in-court in plain view for every stakeholder to see. Getting paid or even getting a status update has never been easier. 


Return on Investment

We love when our customers audit their before vs. after scenario. On average, customers can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours, while avoiding conflict for T&M tracking.  


PeerAssist T&M Tracking in Action

View an example of PeerAssist being used by a construction foreman with minimal computer/tablet experience. PeerAssist can be used by any construction professional who wants to focus on building, not doing documentation the hard and expensive way.


Track Time & Material for Extra Work

Account for all labor and material used on the out-of-scope work. 

The Foreman easily adds the labor hours and material to FWO using the pre-populated menus that match your contracted rates. 



Preview or edit any tag/ticket currently open prior to signature. 


Electronic Approvals

Once the work is completed, it can be signed by the GC electronically, supporting a fully contactless process. The GC can choose to sign in the field or it may be emailed for approval. 


Office Features

Maximizing your profit from the office. View all active tags/tickets as they are created and monitor their progress.  

View in Real-time
View all active Field Work Orders as they are created and monitor progress.

Receive immediate notification the moment a Field Work Order is signed

Pricing Templates
Preloaded pricing templates provide accurate and easy pricing information.

Time & Material
Create a Change Order Request package containing all documentation with the press of a button

Export Field Work Order detailed information at any step in the process.

Steve Eckstrom, Owner of California Drywall
"PeerAssist has become a big part of our business. It has significantly impacted our bottom line by streamlining our change management process."
Steve Eckstrom
Owner of California Drywall


Designed to provide a chance for you to try the tool. Your account will be set up with credits added to your account. No expiration, no pressure, just you getting a chance to see it in action.


This model all0ws you to pay for what your team actually uses.  We do not believe in our customers signing up for software subscriptions and having any licenses not using the software. Some users are also power users whereas others are occasional users - with PeerAssist, you don't get taken advantage of. 


Unlimited allows for full use of the platform for as many users as you can throw at it (your staff that is).  No worrying about buying credits, just get in and go!  Chat with a product team member using the chat to learn more. 


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