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Learn in a few minutes how PeerAssist can help support your company's growth with a versatile and easy-to-use platform to build your operational construction technology foundation on. 


The Field suite is packed with functionality to handle all your field construction form templates from any device. Explore any of our Field capabilities below and remember that you can build unlimited construction forms of your own. 


The Project Management suite helps self-perform contractors to manage complex construction-specific processes like T&M Tracking & Management for out-of-scope work, Change Order Requests, and tracking Service Work. 


The Procurement suite connects what is often a disjointed process where the field and office turn to tools that are cumbersome and not connected resulting in highly inefficient steps to ensuring materials are ordered in an optimal manner and that crews have materials onsite when needed.  Procurement gives self-perform contractors and end-to-end solution for total control of your procurement process. 

T&M Tracking

Contractors don't like tracking T&M for extra work, and most do it on paper. What if you could eliminate bottlenecks, avoid conflict, improve efficiency, and get paid for the work you were asked to do? Now you can.


Don't overthink your T&M Tracking for Extra Work and just get it done right so you get paid every time.

T&M starts in the field, and our T&M workflow incorporates everything you need to get paid for extra work. Gain pre-authorization before putting work on a tag. Enter time and material, add photos, and capture signatures on any mobile device - even offline. Include reference numbers and categorize work for easy tracking, and sync up with the office instantly. The home office is looped in to all work in progress, and can even assist in getting electronic signatures.


#1 Solution for Tracking Extra Work

Digitizing your T&M Tracking for extra work is easier than ever and ensures that your process is streamlined, accountable, and ensures your team is getting paid for work you are asked to do that is out-of-scope. No more friction when doing extras. 



PeerAssist T&M Tracking in Action

View an example of PeerAssist being used by a construction foreman with minimal computer/tablet experience. PeerAssist can be used by any construction professional who wants to focus on building, not doing documentation the hard and expensive way.



The Tool You your pocket.

Whether you prefer a tablet or a smartphone, PeerAssist allows you to be ready to capture any requests for extra work as fast as you can make a phone call. Just fire up the app and start capturing with pics and details of what's needed.  

T&M Tracking with Photo Attachments

Easily Track Your Time & Material.

Account for all labor and material used on the out-of-scope work. The Foreman easily adds the labor hours and material to FWO using the pre-populated menus that match your contracted rates.

T&M Tracking on Tablet and Smartphone

Professional Presentation.

Your T&M Tracking takes on a professional look that supports your brand of performing excellent construction work. Preview your T&M Tags/Tickets and easily understand what is included on your T&M Tag/Ticket.

PM mobile tag preview

Electronic Approvals for Accountability.

Nothing supports your request for a change better than the actual acknowledgement for the request and for doing the work.  Track the process from request through approval to support your Change Order Request process. 

PM mobile signature

Get Started

Our team is ready to show you a demo, answer questions, and help get you started.  If you can use a telephone and send email, you'll be flying in no-time on PeerAssist.